"The senses imprison us, and we help them with metres as limitary,--with a pair of scales and a foot-rule and a clock." - Ralph Waldo Emerson, Poetry & Imagination.
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Click to Open Units Converters. Fifty categories of units including: Length, Volume, Weight, Temperature, Area, Mileage/Fuel Usage, Angle, Cooking Measures, Density, Energy, Force, Mass, Number, Power, Pressure, Speed, Time, & more.. Added to these are many application calculators from clothing sizes to currency, chemistry to navigation. Convert between units of the same category. Fifty+ categories including: Length, Volume, Weight, Temperature, Area, Fuel Usage, Angle, Energy, Force, Mass, Number, Power, Speed, Time, & more.
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Conversion Tables
Category Index
Index to tables of conversion factors organized by category
Alpha Index
Index to tables of conversion factors organized alphabetically.
US Puzzle
Try these word and number puzzles. This one is based on US general knowledge. WARNING!!! These puzzles can be harmfull to your health!
UK Puzzle
More word and number puzzles like the U.S. version but slanted to U.K. general knowledge.
Optical Illusions
Optical illusions and other optical odditites. At last, find out what your "Blind Spot" is in reality!
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English Measures
US Customary capacities in the U.S.A. & their origins showing differences by trade commodity e.g. butter cheese, coal, flour, hay & straw, wool, cotton, timber, yarns, cotton wool  and more.
US Capacities
US Customary capacity units as used in the U.S.A. and the Anglo Saxon capacity measures from which they originated. These also highlight differences in US and British volumes.
UK Capacities
English or Imperial capacity measures as used in Britain, showing the differences in capacities by commodity and era.
Book Sizes
A table of English book sizes. All of these are obviously superceded by metric sizes. 
Paper Sizes
Old English paper and board sizes. Again, the metric system has made these obsolete in the U.K.
Science Data
Periodic Table
Major details of each element.
Physical Constants in physics, chemistry and astronomy.
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