is a continously expanding collection of of converters, units and measures, data tables and facilities for the student or teacher, scientific or engineering worker, parent and child. The converters answer questions such as "How many miles in a light year?", "What is the difference between US fluid and dry gallons or differences between both these and the UK gallon?". But more than that, they also provide invaluable background on units, their origin and definitions. If you ever need to know what a "Wey" is or ask "What on Earth is a Tod?", this is the place to look. This gives you data for each "UNIT!", not just on a converter to converter basis! Even more information is available for each category of units simply click on the category title in each converter! The converter can show the equivalent values for any two units within the same category.

Change any unit of measure to another of the same dimension, meters to yards, gallons to liters. Choose from a vast range of categories, Length, Volume, Weight, Speed, Fuel Economy, and many more. Try our Periodic Table of Elements or check the tables of Old English measures. And now you can try our unique Remote Control. For those who prefer the traditional approach, each page and function can still be selected by the conventional method.

In addition to the converters, there are many additional facilities including tables of US and UK capacities, tables of some older UK/Imperial measures for hay, butter and yarn, coal, flour and timber, and wool weights, book sizes and paper sizes. There is an interactive "Periodic Table of Elements" showing the name, atomic number (protons), neutrons, atomic weight, electron configuration, filling orbital and boiling and melting points of each element.

There is also a table of Fundamental Physical Constants and a comprehensive list of links to other sites of similar or complementary information. Bookmark this site NOW and make it your standard reference site (p.s. - a UK Standard = 12'x9”x3” of Timber, a Petrograd Standard = 12'x11”x1.5” or 6'x11”x3” of Timber and a US Standard = 12'x11”x2.5” of Timber).